Slow vaccination sounds in Japan before Olympics

Slow vaccination sounds in Japan before Olympics

In the race to vaccinate civilians against Kovid-19, Japan should be ahead. It has almost universal health coverage and pharmaceutical capacity, prompting political leaders to act quickly, not to mention a pending national election, a large elderly population, and the upcoming Olympic Games.

However, it is a suspected difference to show one of the worst performances for vaccination. According to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker, Japan covered only 1.1% of the population, the lowest level among the 37 members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The ratio is 36% in the United States and about 35% in the United Kingdom.

In Asia, it lags behind China, India, Singapore and South Korea and only slightly ahead of low-income countries such as the Philippines and Thailand.

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga declared a state of emergency in some areas on 23 April to control a new wave of cases, with some frustrated Japanese clearly seeing vaccination programs in other countries and wonder whether the government Why did not work so fast? After a year of seeing devastating scenes in countries like the US while the pathogen was relatively controlled in Japan, it now appears that the situation has changed.

Billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of e-commerce giant Rakuten, said in a tweet on Tuesday, “I want vaccination to move forward at high speed.” “Like in the USA.”

Japan’s slow start: G7 vaccination is the smallest part of the population in the country

Japan’s slow start: the country has the smallest share of the vaccinated population in the G-7 (Arte / Bloomberg)

Until some time ago, the Japanese could comfort themselves knowing that the country responded better to the epidemic than countries in the West. Since, there has never been an encouraging increase in cases and deaths, there was no rush for vaccines against Kovid-19. But with the hope of an Olympics in three months and a state of emergency, the population’s frustration is increasing, adding to the pressure on the Suga government.

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The Prime Minister directed the Defense Minister to work with the army to build a mass vaccination center in Tokyo. It was the first time that the national government was directly involved in the vaccination campaign, which was handed over to the municipal authorities. Suga faces a vote by the party leadership in September and is expected to hold general elections in October.

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