Slowly Taylor Lotner’s fans started shouting because they are not coming back for the ‘Sharkboy’ spin-off ‘We can be heroes’.

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Fans were shocked to learn that the Twilight Saga star had been replaced by another actor in the first-look photo of the 2005 standalone sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lovegirl in 3-D.

Aceshobiz – Sharkboy and LavaGrill “Return to First Look Photos”We can be heroes“But fans are not happy. After Netflix and Robert Rodriguez Official photos of “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagrel in 3-D“Spin-off, many were disappointed to know this Taylor Lautner Not coming back as half of the title characters.

In a picture Taylor Dooley, Who repeats the role of Lavagirl, slips into her pink suit that matches her shiny pink hair. He is standing in front If so, Which replaces the lattner with a sharkboy, a blue-and-silver suit and half of his face covered by a mask.

“Sharkboy and LavaGirl are back! And they’ve had a baby. Introducing … Gossip! Written with shared photos.

Netflix, meanwhile, captioned its tweet, “Does Van Buapa feel?” Sharkboy and Lavagirl are now parents (and played by their daughter) Vivian Lyra Blair Aka girl Bird box). We may have a worldwide release on Netflix on New Year’s Day. ”

Seeing that the man in the Sharkboy lawsuit is not Lotner, fans did not hide their frustration as a Twitter user commented on Lotner’s place, “Who is the Sharkboy importer where there is a clean lottery.”

“Wait, isn’t Taylor Lautner back as a sharkboy like this? And that’s why he gave the new actor a helmet,” another speculated. “I don’t want to see it if Taylor Lotner is not in the sharkboy and lava gear spin off,” someone else announced.

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“How Taylor Lotter denies some Netflix coins and free press …,” asked a frustrated fan. Another angry fan panicked, “So are you going to do this to my son Taylor?” Another similar comment reads, “They’re not building new sharkboys and lava grills without Mr. Taylor Lautre.”

“I needed Taylor La Under,” one man demanded, while another echoed, “Bring Nu Taylor back.” Another man said, “I’m sorry but Taylor Lautner will always be a sharkboy and Netflix should have done everything possible to get out of the cave where he’s hiding. I want my whole 2005 experience!” ”

Before he rose to international fame with the role of “Jacob Black”.Til light The Saga “film series, Lotner was known for starring in the 2005 adventure film. The 28-year-old actor’s reasons for leaving the spin-off film have not been disclosed.

Rodriguez, who directed the children’s film, goes back to the lens for the standalone sequel, which focuses its story on the children of Earth’s superheroes. “We Can Be Heroes” is set to release on Netflix on January 1, 2021.

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