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Windows 11 updates are lightweight for customization. about this Inform OnMSFT version.

Steve Dispense, the company’s vice president, explained the differences between current and new versions of the Windows operating system. According to Dispense, the corporation’s engineers have done a lot of work optimizing the OS, with an emphasis on memory management. For example, program windows that are brought to the forefront of the screen always have a higher priority than others.

In addition, thanks to the new engine mechanism, the new operating system reacts faster to user actions than the old one. “We have optimized the hardware components for better memory management. At the software level, we have reduced the resource constraints for the key processing threads to maintain the power of the OS,” the top manager explained of the differences between the operating systems. disclosed. This allows Windows 11 to wake up faster than, for example, Windows 10.

The expert talked about the Sleeping Tabs feature in the built-in Edge browser, when inactive tabs are unloaded from memory. This saved CPU and memory resources by an average of 37 and 32 percent, respectively. Also, the dispense said that the update files for Windows 11 will weigh less than the previous system.

Next Generation OS Announcement Happened in June. Microsoft will start sending Windows 11 is rolling out to users’ computers starting October 5.

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