Sonic Origins modder gives up on game fix: ‘A complete sh*t’

Sonic Origins modder gives up on game fix: 'A complete sh*t'

sound generation Betting on Nostalgia was released, but faced harsh criticism due to visible bugs and problems caused by the state of its programming. A game modder now joins the critics after he abandoned his project to fix the game as he noticed how dire the state of the file was. “A complete s***,” he said.

The statement was posted on the website Khel Banana, where the BetterOrigins mode will be made available. In an update, the project manager says, “Hey, so I’ve decided to stop development on this project. After actually going through the files for this game, it’s become pretty clear that this game is a complete* ** Is.”

He commented that unless he removed the sprites from scratch, it wouldn’t be possible to make extensive changes to the game without messing with his script. The mod is available for download in its initial state, and its author believes that it improves a bit on the already playing experience. sound generationBut from the text you can see that this was still far from the initial ambition of the project.

“Maybe I’ll come back to this in the future when script editing becomes possible. But for now, let the game fly.” – Closes your statement in free translation.

sound generation Was released on 23 June across all platforms. Despite being immediately criticized in the announcement of its pricing model and versions, the game managed to perform well. review And it has fans. but resulting in performance issues and bugs complaint to studio behind its development.

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