Sony fixes CMOS battery issue on PlayStation 5

Sony fixes CMOS battery issue on PlayStation 5

Not long ago, Sony Sonol owners were facing a serious problem: CMOS battery failure. This affects not only the functionality of the PlayStation 4, but the new PlayStation 5 as well. Things seem to have been sorted out in the case of the previous generation, and its software update offers a much longer console life.

It’s PlayStation 5’s turn to be fixed, and the fix is ​​also announced by Do It Play, pay twitter. Here are the latest “repairs”:

  • PS5 physical games can now be installed without any problems;
  • PS4 physical games can be installed correctly and run smoothly;
  • Digital copies of PS4 and PS5 games can also operate with “dead” CMOS batteries;
  • Games available through PS Plus cannot run on a dead battery.

What was the main reason for these failures?

As Marinke said, the way the battery works is pretty simple: Like any other motherboard, the PlayStation 4 has a CMOS battery, the purpose of which is to remember the date and time even when the console is disconnected from snooping. Once the battery is removed for whatever reason, the console loses track of time.

This also applies to the PS5. Sony uses this tactic to deter fraudsters hunting for game trophies. The problem, however, is that if this internal clock runs out, games will become virtually unusable, getting worse as the old servers will cease to be maintained by Sony.

The Japanese moved quickly enough and fixed the problem. That way, our consoles will be able to last forever, and our collection of games will be preserved and displayed like exhibits in an art museum.

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