Sony launches premium 8K and 4K TVs, which ‘mimic’ human brain TVS

Sony launches premium 8K and 4K TVs, which 'mimic' human brain TVS

a Sony Last week’s new series announced smart TV Above the line of Bravia XR. With 4K and 8K resolution screens, televisions have a reinforcement of the XR processor, which begins to implement what the brand calls “cognitive intelligence” and which resembles the behavior of the human brain. Sony Line is part of the brand’s presence CES 2021, But it should not be officially launched in Brazil due to the manufacturer’s decision to withdraw from Brazil.

The line’s premium credentials are further enhanced by the presence of cutting-edge technologies, such as HDMI 2.1. 120 Hz In addition, 4K options Important resources for VRR and ALLM, especially those thinking about investing in new-generation consoles. Sony is yet to confirm TV prices or international launch dates.

Sony has launched a premium 8K and 4K TV with a chip that mimics the human brain – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

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The line is split between options with 8K screens, which offer LED technology, and models with 4K displays that use screens OLED ou LED. The 8K model is designated as the Master Series Z9J with 85 and 75 inch options. The 4K OLED TVs will be split between the Master Series A90J (83 “, 65” and 55 “screens) and A80J (77”, 65 “and 55”) models. 4K and LED versions appear on the X95J and X92J models – without the name “Master Series”.

‘Cognitive intelligence’

Regardless of screen size and display technology, the board typically features features, such as “cognitive intelligence” XR processors, 120 Hz support on HDMI 2.1 and 4K LED TVs, as well as directional sound and operating systems. Google tv.

Sony explains the new XR processor by drawing parallels in how the human brain works. By brand, the current TV processor artificial intelligence When it comes to improving the final result on the screen the image is limited to analysis of lines such as color, contrast and brightness.

In addition to the 8K model, the Sony series has 4K versions with 120Hz LED or OLED – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

The new XR considers the context and screen to be divided into zones. Then, the most important focal point of the image on the display is detected by the processor, which works by traversing the information in a more relevant way, considering image and sound.

Another similarity that remains across the Bravia XR line is the offering Google TV Operating System, Stage for television Google It comes as an option Android tv And provide the user with the same user experience New chromecast. In terms of sound, Sony promises the ability to output directional audio, position the output according to the image, creating a more immersive experience.

Meet the first line of Sony 8K TV

Meet the first line of Sony 8K TV

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