SP will ask passengers arriving from India to be taken 72 hours in advance.

SP will ask passengers arriving from India to be taken 72 hours in advance.

The government of São Paulo will need travelers from India to pass the exam Coronavirus, Negative RT-PCR, performed 72 hours prior to departure. A letter sent by the state health secretary to Anvisa (National Health Monitoring Agency) listed other requirements, such as filling a self-declaration with a full address and telephone number, in addition to surveillance isolation.

Document for Twitter Reach also includes passengers coming from other regions who have a record of broadcasting meditation forms – such as the Indian B.1.617.2. These include the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and South Africa apart from India.

According to the proposal of the São Paulo government sent to Nelio Cesar Aquino, Envisa’s port and airport manager, passengers must undergo 14 days of isolation, being monitored by the municipality’s epidemiological surveillance authority. Each city can decide whether to impose a fine in the event of a quarantine violation.

Traveler without examination

If the passenger does not present the RT-PCR performed within the stipulated period, it should be collected at the landing airport. The traveler must detach at a hotel or other nearby location, and cannot travel to other cities and states until the examination results are released.

If it is discovered that the person is infected, they will have to stay at the reference hotel for 10 days, which is being monitored by the municipality. The accommodation expenses will be paid by the passenger or airline that allowed boarding. If the result is negative, the passenger will be released after completing the self-declaration.

Indian version

B.1.617.2 is one of the versions of covid-19 version discovered in India, which still contains B.1.617.1 and B.1.617.3, all agreed Of “worldwide concern” By WHO (World Health Organization). According to a report published today by the organization, it has already been officially detected. In at least 53 countries and regions.

In Brazil, the first cases were confirmed in Maranho last Thursday (20), when Six crew members of the ZHI Shandong ship from South Africa conducted the test Affirmative.

Today, Adolfo Institute Lutz is attached to The Health Secretariat of São Paulo identified the first case of a man from an Asian country and landed at Guarulhos Airport in Greater São Paulo. Serra, Para, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo also monitor suspected cases. See the complete condition of the country.

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