SpaceX delays commercial service to press ahead with Starlink tests

SpaceX delays commercial service to press ahead with Starlink tests

WASHINGTON: SpaceX will continue beta testing its satellite-based broadband service Starlink next year, the company said late Tuesday, with no commercial service likely to be offered in 2020.

Elon Musk, a private space research company based in Hawthorne, Hawthorne, California, has launched about 900 Starlink satellites from 2019 with the goal of offering high-speed Internet to rural areas worldwide.

Musk said the Starlink service would be an important source of funding for its comprehensive plans, such as developing a super-heavy lift starship rocket to fly to paying customers on the moon and finally trying to colonize Mars. .

Before launching the 16th batch of Starlink satellites during a live stream on Tuesday, SpaceX engineer Kate Tais said, “At our current pace, we plan to expand our beta in a significant way early next year. Hopefully, “said SpaceX engineer Kate Tais during a live stream on Tuesday. .

A SpaceX spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

In October, SpaceX invited hundreds of people from rural states such as Washington, Wisconsin and Idaho to participate in its “Nothing Better Beta” trial, signing up to purchase and test the company’s $ 499 setup kit. Opened the door for the upstarts and paid 99 99 per dollar. Month for internet service.

At the time of filing with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, the company had hoped to offer commercial services by the end of 2020, then “in 2021 the population expanded rapidly near the world’s global coverage.”

In November, SpaceX received approval from Canadian authorities to launch Starlink beta testing in the country, enabling “a fairly wide public beta” in southern Canada.

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