SpaceX’s Starship test flight left incomplete at the last second

SpaceX’s Starship test flight left incomplete at the last second
By: AP | Cape Canaveral |

December 9, 2020 11:25:32 p.m.

SpaceX’s future starship after an automatic engine was incomplete with just 1.3 seconds left in Countdown to land its first altitude test flight in southeastern Texas on Tuesday. (Via SpaceX / AP)

SpaceX’s future starship’s first high-altitude test flight was aborted in the last second in Texas on Tuesday. SpaceX is close to launching a prototype of the rocketship that company chief Alan Musk is preparing to take people to Mars.

But with only 1.3 seconds left in the countdown, an automatic engine went awry. SpaceX announced on its web broadcast that it was done for the day, and there was no word on how it could try again.

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SpaceX has already conducted five Starship test flights, but before that, the simplest models did not exceed 490 feet (150 m.). The steel version on the launch pad on Tuesday featured the first nose cone, body flag and three raptors. Engine.

SpaceX has captured Boca Chika in the far southeast corner of Texas, near the Mexican border, to build and test its starships. The company has used starships in the upper reaches of super-heavy boosters to deliver large satellites in orbit around the Earth and send people and cargo to the moon and Mars.

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