Spider-Man is already the third most-watched debut in the world

Spider-Man is already the third most-watched debut in the world

as predicted Spider-Man: No Return Home Dominated at the box office across the world. New Marvel movie breaking new records and this Sunday (the 19th) Diversity published that it has already raised $587 million (over 3 billion reais) globally, making it the third largest debut in the world.

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As of Saturday (the 18th), projections showed that the film would close out its opening weekend with a box office gross of $240 million in the United States alone, but it looks like everything is a little better. Now experts believe that the film starring tom holland The $253 million production will kick off the weekend.

“Historical Consequences of Spider-Man: No Return Home This weekend, across the globe and facing the many challenges, reaffirms the unparalleled cultural impact that only cinema films can have when they are created and marketed with vision and determination.” said Tom Rothman, president and CEO of Motion Picture Group. Sony.

Ned Leeds (Jacob Batten) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in Spider-Man (Reproduction)

Box office success so far spider man 3 just stays behind avengers: endgame (2019), which raised $1.2 billion in its opening weekend, and Avengers: Infinite Warfare (2018), which earned $640 million in the same period. Now the question that remains is, if the pandemic had not happened, would the scenario have been different?

“All of us at Sony Pictures are extremely grateful for the wonderful talent in front of and behind the camera, who produced such a landmark film. “Thanks to his brilliant work, this Christmas everyone can enjoy the gift he brings to the big screen, 2021’s most powerful superhero, Neighborhood Friend Spider-Man”, Rothman continued in a statement.

The film is currently rated 94% positive on the Rotten Tomatoes website, receiving a story score of 99%, with over 10,000 reviews.

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Tom Holland, and other Marvel actors were slated to appear for some film seasons in Los Angeles, but plans were changed due to crowd fears, and the Omicron version, as also reported by Variety magazine.

This Saturday (the 18th), the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige said that he is already in talks with Sony for the next film from Webhead, so as not to disappoint fans without an answer, as it did in 2019, right after the premiere Spider-Man: Away From Home, there was a pause in talks, and uncertainty arose about the next film.

Spider-Man: No Return Home Exhibited throughout Brazil.

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