Spirit Stead is back in cinema

Spirit Stead is back in cinema

Specialty “Soul: Untamed” Coming back in theaters this Thursday (10), the horse that starred in one of the most famous films from DreamWorks’ animation studio, “Spirit: O Stead Indomovie”. The soundtrack of the animation is already accessible on Spotify. You can listen to the soundtracks easily. You can even buy Spotify followers to get the same organic exposure that soundtracks album got a week ago.

Based on a series released by Netflix, the production company’s new animation brings the spirit back to theaters for an unprecedented adventure, this time with young Lucky Prescott, a 12-year-old girl who has adapted to life in a small town. wants. United States border. Check out the full schedule in theaters in Campinas.

The animation, directed by Elaine Bogan and written by Ory Wallington and Kristin Hahn, features the voices of Isabella Merced, Julianne Moore and Jake Gyllenhaal to compose the cast. The series “Spirit: Cavalgando Liver,” which inspired the new film, was launched by Netflix in 2017 and has already had eight seasons, all available on the streaming service’s platform.

The story, which talks about friendship and trust, introduces the audience to the girl Lucky, who, in search of a little more understanding of her origins, moves to Miradero, a town on the American border and lives with her father. Which is a distant relationship. In uncharted territory, surrounded by people who don’t know him well, Lucky meets Spirit, a wild horse looking for a way back to his family. Accompanied by Pru and Abigail, his inseparable friend, Lucky embarks on an adventure to help his new partner.

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