Spring is here, not supposed to be Apple Keynote

Spring is here, not supposed to be Apple Keynote

Fans held their breath in March, and nothing happened. It can now be said with certainty, Apple keynote has not happened in March 2021 – unless Cupertino’s future car is a DeLorean that could change past events.

So is it for April? To believe those who originally announced it for March, the answer is yes, but who can seriously believe them? One keynote speaker predicted in March was a real little circus that was particularly animated by the clown John Prosser and his many incisors.

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Youtubeur announced to hold a conference for the first time 16 March, a Rejected date By journalist Mark Gurman, whose credibility is well established. Never mind, if it’s not the 16th, it’s not 23, Retired John Prosser, who kept his eyebrows on the line. But on the 23rd, there is nothing above his eyes anymore.

It’s Apple’s fault for trying to deceive me and others Rinser, Defended himself Then the clown. This is impossible to verify since a very plausible conspiracy is confirmed, even if Mark Gurman has taken the trouble On the contrary. March is passing, it is necessarily the month of April, Prosser proclaims! It is certain that by throwing spaghetti on the wall, there is one that will end up sticking.

Does Apple really intend to organize special event In the spring? There have been many during this period in recent years, but without it there are systematic or major events (you remember that Tue 2018 Focus on education?).

If a conference were to happen in the next few weeks, it would be virtual anyway, as it was Those at the end of 2020 And as it will be WWDC 2021. There is another outcome in the epidemic that could slow Apple down in the organization of short-term product launches: a decrease in semiconductors. MacBook and iPad production Will already be affected. What’s the point of launching a new product if no one can buy it? You’ll tell me that the same happens with the PlayStation 5 or Nvidia cards, but Apple may postpone the release of some products for a few weeks.

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Furthermore, there is no doubt that new devices await the new operating system, which has already been seen. There are many clues about iOS 14.5, which has a variety of bets as a major update. A new apple tv. macOS 11.3, also in beta for over two months, cache New iMacs. The final version of iOS 14.5 is expected in the next few weeks – it’s Tim Cook Who says – At this time, a pipe of cheaper goods could be released.

Several recent announcements that could find their place in the fictional key were sent in a press release: Network detection For third-party manufacturers and Gear change For Apple Arcade. And then WWDC 2021 is official and not so far away. New products, may be very soon via press releases, but presented as a keynote speaker, we will not put our eyebrows to bite.

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