Square Enix briefly comments on the Final Fantasy VII remake Part 2

Square Enix briefly comments on the Final Fantasy VII remake Part 2

during CEDEC + KYUSHU 2020 (Via please reset), O produtor Yoshinori Kitase eo co-diretor Naoki Hamaguchi de Final Fantasy VII Remake Various topics related to the title were discussed, including his future.

Below is a summary:

  • The remake actually came with a desire to make Advent Children-style games;
  • Kitase said that he imagined that many people would think that the first FF7R trailer would be a new film and that they would go crazy when they played it;
  • The team knew that indifferent fans wanted the old system, so they tried their best to introduce something new and old at the same time;
  • Hamaguchi says that he incorporated the project in its midst. When he questioned Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura about what they wanted, Kitase said that a game that used the graphics of Advent Children while Nomura wanted to focus on the story;
  • He felt that as long as there would be a focus on history, there was no need for him to create an open world;
  • Nomura supervised the characters and various elements of the story, including dubbing;
  • Interestingly, the team talked a lot about where the characters would hide their weapons, such as Aerith’s baton;
  • The original game lacked the concept of time, so the team wondered what the characters needed at that time to sleep and what kind of story it would be;
  • Kitase says that if he didn’t need to work with Final Fantasy, he would prefer to work on a new IP. Hamaguchi wanted to do something realistic;
  • FF7R Part 1 was focused on Midgar. Part 2 will focus on the rest of the world;
  • With Part 2, knowing that whoever played the original knows the story, the team wants to surprise and is beyond the players’ expectations. Not only that, they want to take their expectations and throw them off in a good way;
  • In Final Fantasy XIII, the first part is linear, while the second part becomes an open world. When this topic is brought up in conversation, everyone laughs and Hamaguchi says “I’m going to write this!”.
  • Hamaguchi says that he cannot comment much on Part 2, but says that the current development team has many people who have played the remake (Part 1) and who want to improve it in many ways, especially the combat system. To pursue. The team in Part 1 was composed of many people who played and loved the original.
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