Starlink Internet users may get suspended service if they download piracy

Starlink Internet users may get suspended service if they download piracy

An internet starlink Not yet approved by Anatel It can be used here in Brazil, but now we know that, when it happens, If you download pirated content using this connection, your service may be suspended – and even your contract may be canceled SpaceX. At least on Reddit Report is a user who received an email from the company warning about an illegal download.

Substrate-97 user was surprised to receive an alert email shortly after an unsuccessful attempt to illegally download the contents of an American program. He tried to download the pirated content, although he is aware that SpaceX makes this issue very clear in its terms and policies for using the Starlink service. One of the first items states that it is prohibited: “Access without permission or correcting others’ accounts or computer systems, malforming URLs.” DNS Or addresses Ip SpaceX or any other entity ”.

Copyright infringement email received by user (Picture: Reproduction / Reddit / Substrate-97)

In the notification email, SpaceX confirms that “downloading copyrighted material without the proper license is a violation of Starlink’s Terms of Use”. The message further states: “We insist that you and / or others using your StarLink Internet avoid illegal downloads or copyrighted material”, because this practice “other than to put you at risk, is not in your service agreement May lead to suspension or termination. Legal action by the owners of that material. “

In the last two years, Elon Musk already Has crossed the mark of 1,500 satellites Placed in the earth’s orbit; However, this number is still not enough to achieve coverage globally – it is no surprise that the company aims for 30,000 units for this. Currently, the network Starlink works in beta version in some countries, In the United States, Canada, and some regions of the United Kingdom. According to Musk, more than half a million users have signed up to use the service.

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