Steps to change mobile number in citizen’s account in case of forgetting password

Steps to change mobile number in citizen's account in case of forgetting password

It is a matter of great concern to the citizen when he forgets the passwords of his personal accounts on various websites, especially the citizen account website through which the citizen receives assistance from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, which helps specific groups of Saudi citizens. provides assistance. Low income or poor, as a result of being affected by the economic reforms undertaken by the Kingdom to achieve its Vision 2030, which affected many of them due to high prices and the imposition of multiple taxes.

How to reset the password in the Citizen Account program

It is possible to change the password for a citizen’s personal account on the Citizen Account program by logging into the program’s website, and from there clicking on the My Account icon, and below the username and password fields, there is an icon that says I forgot. Password given, click on it and here a page will appear for you which contains a set of data which the citizen has to fill very correctly in order not to lose the account, which includes (Date of Birth / National ID Number / Mobile Number ) / id expiration date).

How to return the personal account of citizens at the expense of the citizen

After registering the above data, the Citizen Account program will send you an email to personal mail, asking you to log in to the account and change the word to a new code for you, and from here the account will be retrieved, and this It is worth noting that it is possible to communicate with the account program Citizen on the hot number 19912.

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