‘Strawberry Supermoon’: See photos of the event | science

'Strawberry Supermoon': See photos of the event |  science

This Tuesday (14) the “Strawberry Supermoon” can be seen at all places in Brazil that have favorable weather.

natural satellite you have near groundIts closest point to Earth during its orbit, and therefore appears larger and brighter than usual in the sky.

Although ‘Strawberry Supermoon’ is not colored redIt was baptized with that name because, in the Northern Hemisphere, its appearance coincides with the period of fruit harvesting.

See photos of the event below:

On this Tuesday (14), ‘Strawberry Supermoon’ is celebrated in Athens. — Photo: Reuters/Alkis Constantinidis

The Strawberry Supermoon rises behind the Santa Marija Tower in Malta – Photo: Darin Zammit Lupi / Reuters

Strawberry supermoon next to Kapaleshwar temple in India (Photo: Arun Shankar / AFP)

Supermoon rising next to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai — Photo: Kamran Zebrelli/AP

Strawberry supermoon in Frankfurt, Germany — Photo: Michael Probst/AP

Strawberry full moon behind a tree branch in Gaza City — Photo: Associated Press

Strawberry supermoon seen in Marseille, France — Photo: Associated Press

Strawberry supermoon as seen from Iraq over the cross of St. Joseph’s Church in Baghdad. — Photo: Associated Press

A full moon rises in Marseille, France on the night of the Strawberry Supermoon – Photo: Daniel Cole/AP

Strawberry Supermoon as seen from Sao Paulo this Tuesday (14). — Photo: reproduction/globonnews

Brazilians will be able to watch the ‘supermoon’ this Tuesday (14) – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

The “Strawberry Supermoon” can also be seen this Tuesday (14) in Espirito Santo – Photo: Fernando Madeira / Rede Gazzetta

,Video:strawberry supermoon: Understand what’s happening this Tuesday, 14.)

Strawberry Supermoon: Understand what’s happening this Tuesday (14)

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