Strawberry Supermoon will happen this Tuesday and will be visible across Brazil; View Photos | science

Strawberry Supermoon will happen this Tuesday and will be visible across Brazil;  View Photos |  science

This Tuesday (14) a “Strawberry Supermoon” will be visible across Brazil, of course, if weather conditions are favourable.

ie the moon will appear larger and brighter than usual tonight, because she’ll be next to you near groundClosest point to Earth during its orbit.

Although the name “strawberry” This means that the moon will appear in the sky with a different color than usual, it will not.

“It doesn’t have a red color at all. In this case it’s just a matter of history,” explains Alessandra Abe Pacini, a scientist in the Space Physics Group at the University of Colorado.

The name comes from the fact that, in the Northern Hemisphere, mainly to the northeast of the United States and east of Canada, it is Strawberry harvest season in the region.

On this Tuesday (14), ‘Strawberry Supermoon’ is celebrated in Athens. — Photo: Reuters/Alkis Constantinidis

“The Northern Hemisphere is entering the summer period and this is the best time to harvest strawberries. That’s why. The Moon will not be red or pink. This is a ‘bright’ and beautiful full moon. 14% larger and 30% of the opposite extreme. brighter in comparison, when it appears smaller in the sky”, explains Pacini.

“Since we cannot see a new moon (except when it passes in front of the Sun), superfull moons that have attracted the public’s attention in recent decades are because they are the largest and brightest full moons of the year. ,” says the agency. space.

A NASA comparison shows the difference between a ‘supermoon’, on the right, and a ‘normal’ moon. — Photo: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Today’s event will be completely visible with the naked eye. Physicist Gustavo Rojas of the NUCLIO – Interactive Center for Astronomy and Innovation in Education in Portugal explains that this supermoon will be visible in Brazil whole night And that it is not necessary to use a telescope or any such instrument to see it.

“The telescope doesn’t help much. The telescope will zoom in and out of the image, but that’s not necessary in the case of a supermoon.”

“Everyone will be able to see this phenomenon. Just look at the sky and enjoy a brighter and bigger moon. A very beautiful full moon in June”, says Pacini.

,Video:strawberry supermoon: Understand what’s happening this Tuesday, 14.)

Strawberry Supermoon: Understand what’s happening this Tuesday (14)

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