Streamers will earn less on Twitch

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Currently the leading streaming platform, Twitch The partner program and its streamers are looking for new ways to change the payment method. heroine It bought Twitch in 2014 for $970 million, and in its efforts to capitalize on the purchase, even senior staff members were disillusioned enough to leave, not to mention the creators themselves.

Currently, Twitch pays members of its affiliate program 70% of their channel membership fees, leaving them with 30%. However, the platform is mulling in favor of a 50/50 split, risking livelihoods as Twitch pushes for even more advertising.


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More Ads on Twitch

Currently, Twitch displays a pop-up ad while a stream is loading and periodically plays them as you watch. Streamers can also control when ads occur. This means that, in some cases, the current way of displaying ads is only partially controlled by the streamer.

For those who may not have set it up correctly, their audience members will often be cut off because they are suddenly forced to watch an ad during a big time. With a potentially 70/30 split ending, streamers will have to place more ads to compensate, which according to the company is part of Twitch’s internal plans. bloomberg,

A new model will be implemented to allow streamers to earn more from advertising, while maximizing Twitch profits at the expense of viewers’ patience. The money paid to streamers could be as high as $3.50 per 1,000 “impressions”, i.e. how many people saw the ad, leading to an online dilemma.

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Twitch’s push for more advertising than other big tech companies such as Netflix, Microsoft And Sony, who investigate how to start advertising on their services. Twitch also recently launched gift cards in the UK, Australia and Canada.

New Twitch Partner Level System

A new potential partner system is also planned for Twitch, updating the current one after nearly a decade of use. Instead of having around 52,000 streamers on a single tier, those hoping to bring in the most money to the platform overall — especially the most followed and subscribed — will probably be placed at higher tiers and earn more.

To go with this tiered system, any participant who is currently only allowed to stream on Twitch, pursuant to their contract with the platform, will be issued and may explore streaming in options such as youtube And Facebook,

Via: Metro/Eurogamer

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