Strong solar flares mean rare northern light possible in North Carolina

Strong solar flares mean rare northern light possible in North Carolina

RELAT, NC (WNCN) – An unusually strong coronal mass ejection (CME) coming from the sun earlier this week gave the majority of the United States a chance to see the northern lights on Wednesday and Thursday night. Will give. This includes a less rare chance where the Ross could make it farther south from North Carolina.

The most likely time for this to happen is Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm to 1pm. If they appear, the auroras will be in the northern sky.

Out of the coronal mass, or solar flare, are energy particles and particles that are thrown to the earth by the sun. They are frequent, but don’t always build them on solar systems. The CMEs that normally make up the Earth are affected by the magnetic field around the Earth.

This time, however, the CME is unusually strong, so some energy and particles will make it around the Earth’s magnetic field from the North and South Poles.

The particles and energy particles that carry it to the poles will be filtered by North America, possibly providing little activity to the northern night sky. This will be in the form of making the sky green, but not an extreme form of multi-colored ribbon that appears in photos or movies.

The unfortunate thing about Auroras is that they are very difficult to predict. So while changes in the sun’s energy release make it all the way to North Carolina, it’s a possibility that won’t happen.

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This type of event is usually only seen in Alaska or Canada, so it’s worth a look. good luck!

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