Stunning videos of the winter solstice ‘Great Convention’ captured worldwide

Stunning videos of the winter solstice 'Great Convention' captured worldwide

Captivating videos of the projected “Christmas Star” were captured around the world on Sunday and Monday.

After seeing the phenomenon of astronomy for the first time in 1623, the astronomical phenomenon was called the “Great Coincidence”.

This year, the heavenly adaptation will be visible in the night sky for several days.

In videos from the US, India, Pakistan and Ireland, a glowing white circle, which is Jupiter, can be seen in the night sky, in close relation to the size of the flat, orange disc, which is Saturday.

According to NASA, this is the first time that Jupiter and Saturn have been close to each other in nearly 400 years.

Although Jupiter and Saturn regularly pass each other and align once every 20 years, it has been almost 800 years since the night coincided, allowing everyone around the world to see this event. Is, Said NASA.

Freeze the frame image of Jupiter and Saturn in the “great combination” in Dublin, Ireland. (By Gary Stevenson Storyfull)

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“Jupiter and Saturn are only going to be one tenth of a degree in the sky, which is so close that if you extend your pink at arm’s length, you will be able to cover both planets very easily with your pink. ” NASA astronomer Henry Thurup said.

According to NASA, the planets will be visible to the naked eye as the sun moves southwest. NASA says that on Monday, they will appear so close that a pink finger at arm’s length will cover both planets in the sky.

Stargazers can see the “Christmas Star” on the evening of December 21, the same day as the winter solstice, when more than one sun sets from one of the Earth’s poles.

Storyteller and Stephanie Weaver contributed to this report.

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