Super app war starts in India

Super app war starts in India

And indieAccording to the government’s forecast, GDP should eventually experience a contraction of 7.7% during FY 2020-2021 due to the coronovirus crisis, but rebound with an 11% increase in 2021-2022. “To tackle the crisis, technology companies have reduced their travel budgets, marketing expenses and office fares. In this sector, many companies are in favor of telecom. “, Anne Desmond, our microphone, tells the head of Business france In charge of the development of French companies in Mumbai and in the technical sector in India.

The year has been mixed for Indian start-ups in terms of funding. ” The total amount of funding is $ 11 billion, or 11% less than in 2019. In the first half of 2020, funding had come to a standstill, but we saw a recovery in the second half with the rise of 12 unicorns. “ The government wants to support its technological ecosystem with the launch of a fund endowed with $ 745 million.

Like other countries, the crisis caused an explosion of e-commerce by affecting the consolidation of Indian territory. Bye The Indian leader in the online sale of fresh produce is in talks to take control of Big Basket. “In India, e-commerce represents $ 50 billion with an increase of 30% per year, strongly accelerated by the epidemic. Tata’s creation of Super Apps aims to face local competition from other Indian consortia such as Reliance or Jio who want to develop these Super Apps. E-commerce war begins “, Highlights Anne Desmond.

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Wildcard Chronicle, Zoom to “Spy Pixels”

In today’s wildcard, we are going to focus on the concept of “Spy Pixel”. These are pixel-sized images that are primarily slipped into emails from merchant sites without your knowledge. Collecting personal information like a web page cookie, they are present in a large number of advertising emails, according to a survey BBC. So far, this really abusive method has not been the subject of any complaint. However, there is a simple trick to turn this cookie off.

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