Super Bowl TV viewership lowest in 15 years

Super Bowl TV viewership lowest in 15 years

According to Nielsen Consultancy data released on Tuesday, the broadcast of the Super Bowl on the CBS network attracted an average television audience of nearly 92 million viewers last Sunday (7), about 9% less than last year’s NFL Finals.

The sport’s television viewership level on CBS was the lowest since 2006. The figure includes people who watched on their television in homes and bars and restaurants.

In this year’s controversy, Quarterback Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31–9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs (this was Brady’s seventh Super Bowl victory).

The sport’s television audience, the largest annual show on American TV, reached 114.4 million in 2015.

Public has turned to platforms Streaming In recent years, and CBS stated that Sunday’s match was the most watched live NFL on the Internet in history. Hearing of Streaming The broadcaster said it averaged 5.7 million people with multiple digital assets.

This year’s skirmish in Tampa, Florida was the culmination of a season that came under suspicion as coronoviruses spread throughout the United States and created a furore in the world of professional sports.

The decline in television viewership of sports is consistent with the decline in sports viewers of the NFL.

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