“Super Mario 3D World + Fury World” releases new game modes and new elements. Detailed introduction “Super Mario 3D World + Future of Bosser”

"Super Mario 3D World + Fury World" releases new game modes and new elements.  Detailed introduction "Super Mario 3D World + Future of Bosser"

Nintendo Switch “Super Mario 3D World + Fury World“To be released on February 12 (Fri). Nintendo announced the introduction video a few days ago, further releasing a detailed introduction of the new elements, introducing new game modes” Furious World “and various new elements.

New play mode “Furious World”

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First, introduce another Mario adventure, the new play mode “Furious World”. You can choose “Super mario 3d world“And” Furious World “, enjoy your favorite game modes anytime, anywhere.

State of thrill

“Furious World” is different from evacuation type “Super mario 3d world“, Sandbox Island” is based on emerging from the giant lake “Country of Cats”. Mario goes on an adventure to collect the “power of the cat sun” scattered in the country of cats.

Partner is the role of the enemy! The

Mario Jr. will be with Kuba, who is considered an enemy this time. Cooper Jr. will assist him, support him, and “rescue” Mario in time. If you play Joy-Con, you can operate two people separately for cooperative play.

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Love ride

In the country of cats, you can watch the game independently, operating the game. And there is a reliable assistant president to explore this lake. When riding on the back, whether it is on the water or on the beach, it is unobstructed.

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Furious Kuba appears

After a period of time, the peaceful world suddenly changed. Amid violent storms, a “raging Kuba” appeared. Flames were pulled out of the mouth, and flying thorns changed the terrain, and the super powerful attack put Mario in danger.

In a short time, the furious Kuba gesture will disappear, and there will be a short period of calm before reappearing. A brief calm state and aggressive fury would be Cuba’s frequent alternates.

Giant Kuba vs Giant Cat Mario

The only thing that can fight Furious Kuba is the legendary item “Giant Bell”. Collect the power of the cat’s sun to lift the giant bell seal, and Mario will become a giant “Mario the Giant Cat”! A massive one-on-one fight between Furious Kuba and Giant Cat Mario is about to begin.

“Snapshot Mode” added

When playing a single, you can use the “snapshot mode” to turn off the screen and take photos independently at any time. You can shoot Mario and others from many angles. If you zoom in or add filters, you can take photos with a slightly different style. At the same time, you can stick the stamp you received in “3D World”, and try to take a unique original photo.

“Both” 3D World “and” Furious World “are applicable.

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Corresponding to amoeba

Use the amoebo of “Mario the Cat” to change to the invincible “Mario the White Cat”. Use the amoeba of “Princess Cat Bridgit” to trigger the random appearance of boosters. You can try it when there is no prop.

“Both” 3D World “and” Furious World “are applicable.

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The emibo and game software of “Mario the Cat” and “Princess Brigitte the Cat” will also be released on February 12, 2021 (Friday) and reservations are now being accepted.

स्थिति Reservation and product inventory conditions vary depending on the actual condition of the store, please check with the store staff for details.

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In addition, this game software supports all Amio. Please see Nintendo’s official website for details.

A “3D world” where you can play together even in the distance

In multiplayer play, in addition to sharing play in line with neighboring host communication, it also supports online play with friends. You can go on an adventure somewhere far away with your family and friends.

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Communication “World of Frenzy” does not correspond to nearby host communication and online play.

And when communicating with nearby hosts and playing online, a maximum of 2 people per 1 Nintendo Switch can participate in the game.

, While playing online, you have to join “Nintendo Switch Online” (Paid). (Taiwan region starting date to be determined)

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