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Microsoft’s next-generation Android phone, the Surface Duo 2, is rumored to be released on September 22 alongside the successor to the Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro, Surface Go 3, Surface Book/Laptop and other products.Before the rumored release, Surface Duo has hit the FCC product certification database, let’s know some details about it, for example, it has been confirmed to support 5G and NFC.


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The dual-screen device described as a “Microsoft portable device” clearly mentioned in the FCC document is very likely to be the Surface Duo 2. For example, the document clearly states that the device supports “two forms”, one screen open, the other screen closed.

The FCC report also confirmed that it is a dual-screen device with a front camera and a rear camera setup. One of the documents also pointed to the Android operating system.

In fact, there’s a passage that the FCC tested the device in a variety of configurations, including folding open and folding closed, similar to previous tests on the original Surface Duo. As expected, the Surface Duo will support the main LTE and 5G frequency bands used in the United States. The device will have 5G mmWave connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.


The “Model 1995″ has two millimeter wave antenna modules, both on the right half of the device. Module 0 is on the back, while module 1 is on the front (display). The antenna position is shown in the figure below, and the postures of these three devices have been evaluated for power density,” the document reads.

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In addition, Microsoft is also testing support for NFC.

Summary of Surface Duo 2 Features:

5.8 inch dual display

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

8GB memory, up to 256GB flash memory

12 million pixel front camera and rear camera module with wide-angle (12 million pixels), telephoto (12 million pixels) and ultra-wide-angle (16 million pixels) lenses

Support 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth & NFC, UWB & Wireless Charging

As we reported in February, Surface Duo 2 will be Microsoft’s first Android to support 5G and NFCcell phoneThis information is based on Microsoft’s now-deleted job postings and other documents we have.

The second-generation Surface Duo is powered by the Snapdragon 888, which is much better than the Snapdragon 855 flagship chip in the original model.

In addition to the new features, Microsoft also plans to resolve “serious software defects.” If you remember, the Surface Duo has had major software issues so far, making the device look less smart. The successor to Surface Duo will solve all these problems, and users can also expect faster feature updates.

Microsoft is adding more Android engineers to the Surface Duo team. Also, there will be a new version of Microsoft Launcher optimized for Surface Duo devices, so both new and old devices can expect fewer crashes and smooth transition effects.

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