Surprise.. Apple can do this with the iPhone Mini!

Reports have revealed that Apple will release another variant of the phone iPhone 13 mini, and then you’ll be permanently left with a phone this size.

Perhaps the company has understood that users are not interested in small phones. However, according to a report by “Arab Gateway for Technical News”, this is not true.

A vote of 5,500 people showed that 48% of voters are still interested in phones with smaller screens, especially those smaller than 6.2 inches.

Although the number of participants in this vote is not huge, it shows that small phones are not disgusting. But perhaps the size Apple offered was the hater.

The iPhone 12 mini has faced many problems, especially the small battery capacity and its very small size. A large section of users interested in having a smaller phone have mentioned that this phone is too small.


foldable phone

All these reasons have led to speculation that the next small Apple phone after the iPhone 13 mini will be foldable. Just like what we saw on the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It is a small phone when folded, and it measures 6.7 inches in terms of screen when unfolded.

Also, the dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are very suitable for one-handed use, as it is not that wide. A large number of analysts were expecting the success of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and its potential to replace phones like the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Furthermore, Apple has not confirmed or even hinted at the possibility of launching a foldable phone with these specifications. However, this idea might be the best idea to save the mini phone.

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Also, famous Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that we will start seeing foldable phones from Apple in 2023.

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