Sydney Sixers fined 25 25,000 for ‘managerial error’

Sydney Sixers fined 25 25,000 for 'managerial error'

The Sydney Sixers found him in error before coming on for the second innings. The Sixers compiled 4-166 in their 20 overs, meaning Silver-Holm did not bat.

The Sixers pleaded guilty but were still fined, of which 15,000,000 were suspended for 12 months.

Cricket Australia Senior Conduct Commissioner Alan Sullivan, who was in charge of handing over the approval, reported the matter to the club himself and praised the Sixers for realizing their mistake and removing Silver-Holman from the match Speaking “fast” to remove.

As a result, he said a maximum fine of 50,000 50,000 was not appropriate as it did not affect the game but said the violation was serious in nature.

Sean Carroll, Cricket Australia’s head of integrity and security, said he supported the commissioner’s findings.

“Cricket Australia places great emphasis on the integrity of all competitions, including adherence to the rules and regulations of its player agreement,” he said.

“The violation by the Sydney Sixers was serious in nature, but the club’s actions during last night’s game had little effect.

Hayley Silver-Holes caught during the last WBBL match. Credit:Gatti

Jody Hawkins, general manager of the Sydney Sixers, said the club would “learn” from the mistake after the senior conduct commissioner appeared on Sunday.

“We made an unfortunate administrative mistake for which there are strictly understandable rules,” he said.


“We were given the opportunity to present our case at the hearing and to accept the findings and approvals.”

Last summer, Hobart Hurricane Emily Smith was banned for 12 months, nine of whom were suspended for posting a video of her team’s line-up on Instagram.

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The video was taken from a limited area of ​​the Bernie Sports Center before the match against the Sydney Thunder, and was posted an hour before the team’s official release.

When the game was later washed out, Smith was given anti-corruption protocol and given a heavy suspension.

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