Synthesis of bizarre websites on the Internet

Synthesis of bizarre websites on the Internet

Not sure what the owners of these websites think when they code them!

Load more ram

Is computer slow while surfing the web? dont worry To download more RAM with enough capacity from 4 GB to 32 GB to choose. After the download is complete, you will feel that the computer speed has not increased at all.

Load more RAM is the classic web in the tech world.

This is actually a fun site to fool people who are not tech savvy. Practically nothing has to be downloaded and buy a new RAM stick to increase physical capacity.

Windows 93

Windows 95, 98, 2000 are and certainly not Windows 93. It is actually a website that allows an operating system to run on the user’s browser, although most are based on Windows 95.

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Play Classic Card Games on Windows 93 Website

Some games can be played on Windows 93, but some games will have bugs that you will try to experience on your own

Finger pointing mouse This is a very strange website that will automatically load an image with the finger pointing at the cursor position. Every time you hover, a new image is different, constantly repeating forever.

Internet count

If you want to see the numbers dancing, The place that will make you dizzy. This website is filled with statistics about the Internet per second, from the number of emails sent, Google’s number of watts of power consumption and CO2 emissions searches from the Internet.

If you want to challenge your concentration even more, users can click on each number to see the symbols continuously dancing on the screen.

Toilet paper A website for users to remove toilet paper in their free time. When all are removed, a new scroll will appear.

quick Draw!

This is a website to showcase your skills. In just 20 seconds, users have to draw something according to the description. The interesting point is that thanks to the machine learning application, AI can read what the user’s pictures look like, so that you can improve your hand-drawing skills and English vocabulary.

Garbage loop

Your job on this site is very simple, throwing the paper in a cup. After a few seconds, the lump will come out and you have to throw it back to infinity.

never think

Collection of quirky websites on the Internet - Photo 4.

As its name suggests, visitors do not need to think while visiting this website. There is a series of short themed videos that will automatically advance forever. Interestingly, the site’s founder has used an algorithm to grab videos that are less popular on YouTube that are largely new to viewers.

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