Taj | Elizabeth Debicki appears as Diana behind the scenes of the series

Taj |  Elizabeth Debicki appears as Diana behind the scenes of the series

Since its first season. started on the stage of streaming, Still in 2016, drama series Crown” has been one of the main bets of Netflix To keep your audience captive. created by screenwriter Peter Morgan, The series follows the events surrounding the reign of QUEEN ELIZABETH II, And its reception among customers and particular critics has already guaranteed the title’s renewal until its sixth season.

One of the reasons that made the production so acclaimed is, undeniably, the characterization of its characters, whose actors are replaced every two years so that their appearance remains faithful to the period portrayed. Now that the play is entering its 5th year streaming, Big names in British cinema appear to give life to characters already beloved by the audience, such as actresses. Elizabeth Debicki, who will play Princess Diana.

Actress’s act of turning award winner Emma Korin with all the smiles princess of Wells, This must have been a huge personal challenge for the character, but it seems that the characterization contributed to it as well. In new behind-the-scenes footage “Crown”, it is possible to see Debicki characterized as Lady Deuhandjob And the work of hair and dress remains paramount. check out:

I touched Princess Diana behind the scenes of “The Crown” as Elizabeth Debicki (Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail)
The actors who played Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry behind the scenes of the series (Image: Reproduction/Daily Mail)

Currently, the series is being filmed in Spain, but most of the season will be shot on location. United Kingdom, The place where the central plot of the series takes place.

5th and final session of “Crown” I hope to win my ten new episodes November 2022. All of them will have an average duration of one hour, and will be exclusive to the K platform. Streaming.

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