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Lightyear’s latest film pixaro, is fighting a big battle against censorship and intolerance. Due to its critical representation, the film was banned from several Middle Eastern countries. Now a new group is trying to do the same in the West.

“Lightyear follows the great Space Ranger with his commander and crew after being dropped on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth,” said the new facility’s official synopsis.

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Lightyear’s cast features Chris Evans (Captain America) as the voice of the protagonist. The voice cast also includes Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), Bill Hader (Barry), James Brolin (Westworld) and Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black).

See all below about the controversy surrounding Lightyear and the new group trying to censor the film in theaters around the world.

Why do religious people try to ban Lightyear from theater?

Starring Chris Evans, Lightyear has established itself as one of Pixar’s big bets with films like Raid: Growing Up a Beast in 2022.

However, the film did not have a worldwide premiere. Due to a quick kissing scene between the two female characters, the film was banned in several Middle Eastern countries.

The ban was not surprising at all. Extremely conservative, the countries in question are controlled by governments that mix politics and religion.

Therefore, whenever Disney releases films that refer to the LGBTQIA+ community, the projects get censored or banned in many countries.

But this hatred of diversity is not unique to Islamic countries. In fact, Christian groups are even trying to boycott Lightyear.

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Shortly after the release of the feature, opponents of the Pixar film formed the “Christians Against Lightyear” group, a virtual community dedicated to boycotts of the production (see screenshot below).

In its description, the group calls for a “suspension of Lightyear screenings” due to the fact that the film contains LGBTQIA+ characters.

Created by a fake profile – which only serves to hide the real identity of the person in charge – the group already has more than 9 thousand members on Facebook.

The fact that Christian groups call for boycotts and censorship of Disney projects is already regular in the United States.

After the release of Ms. Marvel, for example, a religious group came together to demand the cancellation of the series. The Reason? The simple fact is that the protagonist Kamala Khan is a Muslim teenager.

At the time, the group called the series “a real slap in the face to white, heterosexual and Christian audiences”.

Page also organized a coordinated action that resulted in the bombing of Ms. Huge reduction in the ratings of the series on Marvel and IMDB.

Recently, Chris Evans defended Lightyear’s representation and responded to homophobic criticism of the film.

“The truth is, these people are stupid. There will always be people with fear and insecurities, who are trying to delay things. But these people die like dinosaurs. I guess it’s okay to ignore them, Moving forward and embracing that evolution is what makes us human.”

Lightyear is showing in cinemas in Brazil. The film will soon debut on Disney+, click here To subscribe to the forum.

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