Taliban cut telecommunications network to insult Panjshir- Dinamani

Taliban cut telecommunications network to insult Panjshir- Dinamani

Telecommunications services have been suspended in the Taliban-held Panjsher province.

With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban are doing everything possible to take over the country and rule Afghanistan.

The province of Punjab has been a nightmare for the Taliban, which have captured all areas, including the capital, Kabul. Surrounded by mountains, this city is a safe haven for the local people. And the people of the region have been bravely fighting the Taliban since time immemorial. One reason for this is the leaders of the region. Vice President Amrulla Saleh is living in the province where he was born.

In such a situation, the Taliban is planning to attack the area as well. Hundreds of Afghan soldiers fleeing the Taliban are fighting the Taliban along with Ahmed Masood, who runs a separate movement in the area.

In such a situation, it has been told that the telecom service has been cut for the purpose of capturing Panchsher province. According to local media reports, people of the area are finding it difficult to communicate.

Similarly, all transport routes along Panchshir province have been closed, leading to food shortage in the area.

It is being told that the Taliban are also targeting the Panchsheer area as American troops withdrew from the area.

‘Lion Fort’ under Taliban

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