Talking Point: What are you playing this weekend? (October 17)

Talking Point: What are you playing this weekend?  (October 17)

The wind is getting colder and the days are getting darker, but this week has been just as busy in the world of Nintendo. The company is hitting the legal hammer against a fan-made Zelda project and Steve of the famous TicTac star Minecraft and reached the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – with a very unfortunate winning screen – and much more.

Thankfully, then, the weekend is upon us, and it’s time to discuss our game plans for the weekend. Nintendo Life members have done just that below, and we’d love to hear from you through our poll and comment sections. Enjoy!

Joan Cartwright, video producer

Woe to the people! I’ve played a handful of Dragon Quest games in my time but for whatever reason I overlooked the real trio – maybe I was worried they would feel the date. However, after a week I actually slipped Dragon Quest On the Nintendo Switch and happily amazed at how comfortable it feels. It’s a basic RPG that helped me become a pioneer of singing but it has a special charm that I haven’t noticed in a while. It’s still playable!

This weekend, I plan to sink straight into it. I’ve heard mixed things about it but somehow I want to understand its legacy. I have played and loved both Builder Games that are essentially sequential for these related entries, I need to play at least DK Q 3 Before moving to Builder 3 (please build Builder 3).

Ryan Creddock, News Editor

For the past few days, I’ve been stuck in a game I’ve always been kind of Wanted to play but never around: Lego Harry Potter Collection. Lego games have never been exactly what made me itch to buy myself, but I’ve seen a copy go cheap and I can’t help but love the Potter universe so I thought I’d finally get in. I will be able to jump.

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I’m really having a great time with this and will no doubt complete the story of the first two matches included this weekend (this includes years 1 – 4 and years 5 – 7). Then I decided to make it – go for 100% on the first game, or ignore it and play through the second story?

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