Tandra sentenced to four years for doping ‘unfair and disproportionate’

Tandra sentenced to four years for doping 'unfair and disproportionate'

Opposite Tandra Caxeta was sentenced to a four-year suspension by the Anti-Doping Court of Sports Justice (TJD-AD) for the use of Ostarine, an anabolic substance banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The hearing concluded on Monday night (23). The player expressed regret over the decision on Instagram and Twitter in the early hours of this Tuesday (24), saying she would appeal against the sentence.

In the statement, Tandara said she was being blamed for doing something she hadn’t done and that she had “more than enough” evidence that she was contaminated (that is, she would not have consumed Ostarina). She called the sentence “unfair, disproportionate and preceded by a strange leak of a process that was believed to be confidential”. In contrast, TJD-AD’s understanding is “inconsistent with the best of international jurisprudence”.

Olympic volleyball champion at the 2012 London Games (United Kingdom), Tandra was suspended proactively since August last year after the Brazilian Laboratory for Doping Control (LBCD) tested Ostarina in an examination held in Saquerema a month earlier. Attendance was confirmed. (RJ), during the training of the women’s team for the Tokyo Olympics (Japan). The result came in the middle of the final phase of the disputes on Japanese soil. The player was eliminated by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) a few hours before Brazil faced (and beat) South Korea in the semi-finals. The national team won the silver medal, overtaking the United States in decision.

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Since the sentence is retroactive from the date of collection, the 33-year-old opposite is barred from playing until July 2025, when he will turn 37. If she does not reverse the sentence in TJD-AD, she can still appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). If the sentence is met, she will miss the Paris Olympics (France) to be held in 2024.

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