Taraji p. Henson determined to become a fighter after seeing his mother at Gun Point

Facebook Watch

The ‘Empire’ actress opens up about her troubled childhood when she talks about her inspirational mother and her mental health issues in her new Facebook watch show.

Taraji P. Hanson He turned into a “fighter” when he saw his mother holding a gun.

Empire“The star is opening up about her own mental health for her new program and remembers how she gained strength from robbing her mother on two different occasions.

Speaking at a preview of his new Facebook watch show, “Peace of mind with desolation“The first time I was six years old,” he said. He was held at gunpoint. I’m 50, I remember it was like yesterday. Seeing her go through it, because she wasn’t crushed, she didn’t realize she was fighting in me. It made me a fighter. That’s how I was affected. Saying that I was not shocked.

When Taraji confirmed that she was going to host a mental health show on Facebook Watch, she admitted that the conversation was something that “was dear to her heart.”

“I have long been a mental health advocate for the Black Community community and in 2018 founded the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation which has provided resources to thousands of struggling people,” he said in a statement. I am hoping to bring this new series of conversations with Facebook Watch, where I can continue to talk around an issue that is close to my heart and dear. ”

The show is set to premiere on December 14. The actress will co-host it with her long time friend Tracy Jade Jenkins. Incoming guests included Gabrielle Union, Tamar Braxton, Mary J. Billy, And Jai Faroh.