Team Brasil is optimistic about surfing for the first time at Tokyo Olympics

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Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Tatiana Weston-Webb and Silvana Lima will participate in a historic moment at the Olympic Games. Four athletes representing Brazil at the start of surfing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games show great determination and determination to win a medal. Two-time world champion Gabriel Medina said without hesitation, “As far as I am concerned, I will reach there with great desire to bring this gold.” “I will do my best to bring this new medal”, shot the defending world champion Italo Ferreira.

The female wing also leaves no less. The athlete, who recently won the Margaret River Stage in Australia, and vice-captain of the World Tour, Tatiana Weston-Webb, and the eight-time winner of the best Brazilian surfer Silvana Lima, say they are undergoing intensive training. Wins a medal and both say they are physically and mentally calm. “I am very happy to achieve my dream of being at the world’s biggest sporting event. And, most importantly, I am very optimistic”, said Tati.

Olympic surfers were selected from the 2019 rankings of the World Surfing Circuit, the sport’s largest competition in the world, promoted by the WSL (World Surf League). In total there will be 40 elite athletes from world surfing who will be at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan – 20 men and 20 women, each gender having a maximum of two representatives from each country.

“I think Brazil will be very strong at the Olympic Games. I see all of you are motivated, ready and excited. And, without a doubt, surfing will grow even more with this entry to the Tokyo Olympic Games”, Medina It is believed, which currently ranks first in the WSL rankings. “It is something indescribable I never imagined attending this historic moment. I am undergoing a lot of training and it would be an honor to represent our country ”, emphasized Italo.

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Tatiana Weston-Webb claims that there are no words to describe the excitement of being a part of the Games. Gaucha, a Brazilian daughter with English lives in Kauai, Hawaii, says she has no specific training to beat the waves of Japan. Providing assistance, a nutrition team, physical trainer and physiotherapist, which helped me a lot in strengthening my training. And, of course, I am also working with my mind ”.

Four Brazilians have already surfaced the waves of Japan and even won medals when they competed in the country. In the pre-Olympic competition held during the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Italo won gold and Medina, bronze. “It was great to be able to go there before the game and get to know Japan, its culture and start adapting,” Medina said.

Silvana won a silver medal in the women’s competition. “The feat was incredible in Japan, I didn’t know the country and I was very happy just to be on the podium. I also got to know a little bit about the local waves”, he revealed.

But the Tsurigasaki beach in particular, which was chosen to host surfing competitions at the Olympic Games, is still not known by Brazilians. “We know they’re a bit like waves in northeast Brazil, so I’m confident we’ll adapt quickly,” Silvana said. “I am ready for everything. There are different waves everywhere. I always prepare myself physically and mentally to be able to surf anywhere in the world and do my best, because I I do what I love most, ”Italo said.

Medina came to know that waves are not traditional which usually catch on the world circuit. “It seems that they are small and of low strength and knowing this, I will prepare for this situation. I intend to lose weight to stay a little lighter and be able to run this wave in the best conditions” , He commented. “I’ve never come to this beach, but I’ve already surfed to another place that should have the same conditions as the 2019 ISA Games, when I fared very well. It is usually more beach breaks and shorter waves ”, explained Tati.

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The four are on Australia’s Rottnest Island to dispute the fifth leg of the World Tour. With the sea calm, Tuesday was closed to surfers. The new call will be made in Brazil on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning (local time).

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