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Even sheep in China have no support for artificial intelligence and facial recognition. Vert City Farm in Shanghai is shocked by the introduction of facial recognition on sheep. The news was reported by Chinese official media. This makes it easier for agricultural officials to prevent mating between sheep of the same breed and to identify sheep diseases early.

If sheep of the same breed try to mate, that information will be sent to the farm workers’ smartphones as a warning message. In addition, farm officers can obtain sheep’s characteristics, their physical characteristics, exercise methods and disease symptoms through this built-in intelligence system. It can be detected by infrared monitoring system even if the body temperature of any goat is more than 104 degree Celsius.

According to Chinese media Global Times, with the help of such techniques, only seven people are needed to run a farm of 10,000 sheep. The facial recognition system keeps the employees alert while they are doing other work in the field. The work of inspecting each sheep individually would be less. Huang Sen, president of the Wanhe Technology Development Group, which developed the technology, explains.

With the advent of technology, it is now possible to work with fewer employees than was currently required at 11 workers per 3,000 sheep. With this technology, agriculture officials can easily record the gender, age, weight, health status, vaccination and pregnancies of each sheep. Facial recognition systems are similarly used in pig farms in China. This technology can help agriculture officials increase production by keeping in mind the times when pork availability is dwindling.

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The same technology used for facial recognition in humans is being used in pig and sheep farms in China. Continuously captures images from video and sends them to an online database that compares and identifies them using a deep learning algorithm. Within seconds, the information stored on the image, whether human, pig or sheep, will be available. Criticism of China’s widespread use of facial recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to monitor its own citizens is already strong.

English Summary: Chinese Goat Farm is using facial recognition to find animals that are related and prevent them from being incestuous


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