Technology: Check which Samsung phones will be upgraded to Android 12 and UI 4

Technology: Check which Samsung phones will be upgraded to Android 12 and UI 4

Android 12 was recently announced by Google, and should be available for more than 60 smartphones and tablets of the Galaxy line from South Korean Samsung. The devices will also receive One UI 4.0.

However, as of now, the tech giant is yet to confirm the official list of devices or updates. The TecMundo website was based on a period in which the company promises to update the system to create a list.

Samsung’s policy provides 3 operating system updates, and this applies to phones and tablets launched from 2019 that have Android 9 or higher. It is expected that the brand will only provide updates in late 2021.

Check list:

Galaxy S

Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S 21+ (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S21 (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S20 + (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S20 (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S20 FE (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy S10 5G *

Galaxy S10 *

Galaxy S10 + *

Galaxy S10e *

Galaxy s10 lite

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy Note 20 (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE / 5G) *

Galaxy Note 10 (LTE / 5G) *

Galaxy note 10 lite

Galaxy z

Galaxy Fold (LTE / 5G) *

Galaxy z fold 2 5g

Galaxy z flip

Galaxy z flip 5g

Galaxy a

Galaxy a195g

Galaxy a71

Galaxy a51 5g

Galaxy a51

Galaxy a52

Galaxy a52 5g

Galaxy a72

Galaxy A90 5G *

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Galaxy a01 *

Galaxy a11 *

Galaxy a31 *

Galaxy a41 *

Galaxy a21 *

Galaxy A21s *

Galaxy a quantum

Galaxy quantum 2

Galaxy a42 5g

Galaxy a02 *

Galaxy A02s *

Galaxy a12 *

Galaxy a32

Galaxy a32 5g

Galaxy m

Galaxy m42 5g

Galaxy m12

Galaxy m62

Galaxy M02s *

Galaxy M02 *

Galaxy M21 *

Galaxy M21s *

Galaxy m31

Galaxy M31 Prime Edition *

Galaxy M51 *

Galaxy M31s *

Galaxy f

Galaxy F41 *

Galaxy f62

Galaxy F02s *

Galaxy f12

Galaxy excavator

Galaxy XCover Pro *

Galaxy x5

Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab S7 + (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy Tab S4 (LTE / 5G)

Galaxy Tab S6 5G

Galaxy Tab S6 *

Galaxy Tab S4 Lite

Galaxy Tab A8.4 *

Galaxy Tab A7 *

Galaxy Tab Active 3 *

Entries with “*” refer to devices that should receive their last update.

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