Technology increasingly accessible to small rural producers – Rural Present

Technology increasingly accessible to small rural producers - Rural Present

Increasing competitiveness, encouraging collaboration, fostering the technical and management capability of rural companies through cooperative relationships are some of the principles that govern the performance of the Productive Chain Program developed by Aurora Coop, Cebre and other partners. A meeting was held in Chapeco last week to assess the actions taken this year and prepare a plan for 2022. Representatives from the Aurora Cop System, CEBRE/SC and course implementation consultants in municipalities participated.

For Marcos Antonio Zordan, vice president of agribusiness at Aurora Cop, the main contribution of the producer chain program is not in economic aspects or asset improvement, but in changing the thinking of rural entrepreneurs. “Our job is to contribute to improving the quality of life of these families. This sensitivity to prioritizing human beings is more important than imposing any practice. Of course, a permanent asset will earn more, but what we want is this entrepreneur. is to inspire, showing the potential in his hands, so that we can trust him 20 years from now”, he analysed.

Jordan stressed that everyone involved in the program has taken a great responsibility. “Times have changed and to stay in business it is necessary to keep up with the changes. We still have a lot of work to do, but we know the results will be great”, he estimated. The Vice-Director, Agribusiness, also praised the participation of women and the whole family in managing the activities as it has been the difference in rural companies. Therefore, he argued that the commitment of Aurora Cop and CEBRE/SC is aimed at the life of the rural producer.

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Aurora Cop’s head of dairy products, Salvino Giselle, explained that despite the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, the work that had already been done continued. “It was great because the food production activity cannot stop and is always evolving. Sebrae/SC’s help was essential in capturing data and guiding investments in properties during this period. Therefore, we continued genetic improvement with our Aurora Genetic Model (MGA) survey and evaluation of daughters and granddaughters”, he added.

An innovation increased in 2020, with dairy and morphometric control, analysis of milk and herd weight that is part of the project. This makes it possible to monitor the quantity and quality of milk, fat and protein produced. We saw excellent results, especially in the Holstein breed, which will determine the next course of action or the need for improvement. By the end of 2022, we intend to complete the morphometric survey, as we need three years (from calf to adulthood) to analyze the parameters of the udder, plumb system, fertility and development of these animals, he said. Explained.

According to Enio Albérto Parmeggiani, State Agriculture Manager at Sebrae/SC, the producer chain is structured in such a way that priority is given to rural entrepreneurs, in other words, to help them improve the management of assets. “The productive chain provides knowledge and techniques in the evaluation of opportunities and in the integration of innovations to improve the organization of the enterprise. It is important to emphasize that its most important bias is to reflect on the reality, opportunities and challenges of the entrepreneurial family. is to promote reflection”, he remarked. The program provides the information needed for the creator to analyze, assess problems and identify solutions.

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Parmegiani recalled that since the program’s inception, he has encouraged family involvement, the organization of assets, an understanding of balance in the use of technologies, the need for control for an efficient management, and the importance of innovation. improving results. “The difference is that a producer who participates in this linking process through co-operation strengthens the trade and the results of this integration. Producers are preparing to supply to international markets and we are doing all the work we have done in the field. are competitive thanks to”, he argued.


The “Aurora Coop Productive Chain: Swine, Poultry and Milk” has been developed in Santa Catarina in partnership with Cebre, Cenar, Cescoop, Sicobe, Cooperalfa, Itaipu, Auriverde, Coolsar, Copardia, Caslo, Cooper A1 and Cooperville. In Rio Grande do Sul, it has partnerships with Cebre, Secredi, Cooperalfa, Cooper A1 and Copardia. Among the participants in Paraná are Cebre, Cooperalfa, Copardia and Cocari, and in Mato Grosso do Sul, Cebre, Coosgo and Coparalfa.

Source: Aurora Cop Advisory

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