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All films are banned on the Telegram app. The action was taken following a complaint from the producer of the film Water. All groups downloading fake movies have been banned.

Telegram officials have been tightening piracy for the past few days. In the past two days, Telegram has removed several channels that were posting pirated movies and web series. Many users have reported the removal of the channel on social media.

Telegram was used not only as an instant messaging app but also as a movie library. Telegram was made popular by the fact that it could share files up to two GB in size. Telegram, which is very popular among film lovers, has many channels and groups for sharing films and web series. Such channels are currently being closed.

It is a long-standing complaint that video content, including OTD and films released in theaters, spread rapidly via telegram. Pirated content is most widely disseminated by telegram. Filmmakers have often called for an end to this. The channels have been removed several times, but again under different names they return to Telegram. This is the first time so many pornographic and pirated video channels have been removed simultaneously.

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