Telegram is now the most downloaded app on the App Store; Signal leads to play store

Telegram is now the most downloaded app on the App Store;  Signal leads to play store

Top most downloaded apps app Store There is a new leader: Telegram. App instant message Recorded a surge since the announcement of New WhatsApp Privacy Policy And overturned, this Wednesday (13), lead the signal in the Apple Store.

In the Brazilian Play Store, the status of the application is also astounding, occupying second place in the list of most downloaded apps – second only to Signal.


The increase in downloads over the past few days led to an explanation: Since last Wednesday (6), WhatsApp has reported that it will start sharing its users’ data with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Users who do not accept the new terms by February 8 may have their accounts deleted.

Telegram became the most downloaded app from the Brazilian App Store on this Wednesday (13th). Image: App Store / Playback

This fact caused fear and resentment from Messenger users, who began unbridled search for new options. This is why apps like Telegram and Signal have become so popular in recent times.

Taking advantage of the situation, Telegram attacked, with memesNew WhatsApp policies in your official Twitter profile. Publications made on Sunday (10) – served to self-promote their app (even the popular coffin meme was).

Last Tuesday (12), Telegram founder Pavel Durov registered the arrival of 25 million new users of the app since Saturday (9). The number was significant for the application to cross the 500 million active users mark per month.

Signal also increases

Another messenger that has become popular in recent times is Signal. This Wednesday (13th), the messaging app became the most downloaded free app Play store Brazil

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Signal leader list in play store
Signal Toppers list of the most downloaded apps from the Brazilian Play Store; The telegram appears in the second position. Image: Play Store / Playback

Apart from the growing case of WhatsApp, Signal wins. Public support of billionaire Elon Musk. man Highest risk in the world Not only did he promote the use of the app on his Twitter, but announced that he would make another donation to help the app.

Currently, the app is funded by an initial investment of US $ 50 million (R $ 270 million in direct conversions) made by the device’s co-founder Brian Acton.

It is possible that both Signal and Telegram will accumulate more followers by the deadline to accept WhatsApp’s privacy terms.

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