Telegram to start charging BRL 25 for usage: Should everyone pay?

Telegram to start charging BRL 25 for usage: Should everyone pay?

We have been living in the digital age for some time, where the media Communications rapidly being advanced. It is no wonder that every day we are exposed to a new type of application that allows us to communicate with people who are also on the other side of the world.

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Although the most used messaging applications are still Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, others are gaining more and more users. One of these means of communication is Wire,

Telegram is a messaging app very similar to WhatsApp, but more geared towards its world BusinessSo it includes many stores and ads, but it can be used by anyone who wants, so much so that it is possible to find groups created there for just about anything you can imagine.

Just as it is on WhatsApp, it is also possible to send photos, audios, videos and links on Telegram apart from having animated gifs, emoji and famous stickers that everyone loves to use.

Surprisingly, the iOS version of Telegram was released on August 14, 2013, before the Android version, while the official Android version was released only on October 20, 2013.

Since then, Telegram is gaining more and more popularity and gaining more viewers. That’s why? Well, the big difference offered is that it has its own server, so your storage It has cloud support, that is, it takes up almost no space in the cell phone cache.

This means that, in practice, users can save all conversations, positions And Telegram media in the app’s own cloud, prevents these things from taking up space on the device itself.

Telegram’s features already sound awesome, but it doesn’t stop releasing news. Last but not least, there will be a paid version of the app that will cost around R$25 in Brazil (US$5 in the United States).

Although there is no official statement about the prices yet, we can already say that this will be a premium version and completely different from the free one.

How will the paid version of Telegram work?

The paid version of the application will be called Telegram Premium and will have some benefits and tools that the free version does not give access to, such as larger file sizes. insert of media. and its users will also have access expected For new features that will be released in the future.

Telegram co-founder Pavel Durov said that it was Necessary Release this premium version of the app as an option for the users so that the app can survive.

There’s still no forecast for when this “update” will start working, but it’s expected soon.

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