TFL Bailout row escalates when Sadiq Khan beats minister over ‘political games’

TFL  Bailout row escalates when Sadiq Khan beats minister over 'political games'

A minister today cut council tax increases to keep tubes and buses running, as transport continues to pay 9 9.9 billion as demanded by Transport for London.

Robert Jenrik, secretary of the Committee on the Nativity, said the TFL was affected by the epidemic. The government is “not actively considering” imposing a surcharge to cover the huge gap in rental income.

The dispute between City Hall and the Department of Transportation escalated last night when Mayor Sadiq Khan demanded a “triple fault” on Transport Secretary Grant Shapes.

A leaked correspondence between Mr Khan and Mr Shapps said the government had not taken any action against the TFL. Is ready to take direct control of the city unless the mayor agrees to a higher council tax, a further increase in fares planned for January and a ਵਾਧਾ 15-day congestion charge zone on north and south circular roads next October. Indicates the boundaries of the ultra low emission zone being introduced in. The mayor was also ordered to “improve pensions and workplaces” at the TFL and launch an ax-free journey for teenagers.

Asked today by LBC’s Nick Ferrari if a council tax provision is being implemented, Generick said: “Well, we’re not actively considering it, but we’ll have to resolve the fact that the mayor’s TFL And bankruptcy due to the Greater London Authority. A series of catastrophic bad financial decisions. ”

“Now is not the time for the party to play political games or be persecuted in London – this is a very serious matter,” Khan said in the lawsuit.

TFL received a bailout of 1. 1.6 billion in May and wants 2 2 billion more for the rest of the fiscal year, and £ 2.9 billion more for 2021/22. The conversation has been extended. The TFL pension scheme is not covered by the TFL and new laws will be needed to amend it. The unions said today that they would be ready to strike if they were at risk of pension cuts.

The mayor said the “dangerous” proposals would result in an additional four million people in the larger zone, with rental RPIs rising by more than + 1 percent, agreed in the first bailout and the government offered free removal. Was Journey through the 60’s. He played in the TFL today. He told the board that he had written to the prime minister last Friday to “make sure he is aware of the urgency of the situation”.

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