USDA sold 735,600 tonnes of soybeans from 2021/22 crop in week, USDA said

USDA sold 735,600 tonnes of soybeans from 2021/22 crop in week, USDA said

SAO PAULO, 13 – Exporters to the United States sold 735,600 tons of soybeans from the 2021/22 crop in the week ending January 6, the country’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported this Thursday, 13 in a weekly report. , Volume is up 92% from last week and 1% below the four-week average.

In the week, the main buyers were China (301.8 thousand tons), Mexico (187.9 thousand tons), Egypt (175.8 thousand tons), Bangladesh (57.5 thousand tons) and Indonesia (33.9 thousand tons), mainly offsetting the cancellations made. We do. Unknown destinations (109 thousand tons).

For the 2022/23 harvest, 183 thousand tons were sold to unknown sites (120.0 thousand tons) and China (63.0 thousand tons).

The sum of the two crops within the forecast of the analysts consulted by dow jones newswires, who expected the volume to be between 400 thousand to 1.6 million tonnes a week.

The total shipments during this period were 1.020 million tonnes. Volume is down 42% from the previous week and 43% below the four-week average. The main destinations during the week were China (489 thousand tonnes), Mexico (107.7 thousand tonnes), Egypt (106.8 thousand tonnes), Pakistan (68.8 thousand tonnes) and Spain (59.9 thousand tonnes).

(With information from Dow Jones Newswire.)

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