Thaisa talks about the new Olympic volleyball cycle and criticizes the management of the base

Thaisa talks about the new Olympic volleyball cycle and criticizes the management of the base

Thaisa is an athlete from Minas Tunis Club. Photo: Alexandre Laurero/Getty Images

After the Olympic vice-championship, Central Thaisa spoke about the new cycle in Brazil. At the launch of the Minas women’s team held in the city of Belo Horizonte a few weeks ago, one of the highlights of the Minas Gerais club, the two-time Olympic champion took the opportunity to outline the Minas tennis season, the new generation of Brazilian volleyball. , the return of the public to the gym, partisanship, among other matters.

behind the public

With vaccinations increasing across the country, officials allowed the public to return to gyms. Adherence to safety protocols, such as use of masks, alcohol gel and updated vaccination vouchers, respectively.

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Thaisa talks about the concern of finding fans and welcomes the return of the public and adds to the Minas Gerais fan’s passion for the game.

“We love our fans, being able to trust him is really a concern. He is our seventh player”, she says of the return of the public, the fuel of the team, according to her.


Another issue was emphasized regarding the favoritism of Minas to the controversy surrounding the main competitions across the country. “We’re building up again. The base remained, but it’s a rebuilding process. We’re just starting the season. The fact that we’ve done really well these two seasons makes us the favourites. It’s natural. But we have very good teams that will be in the running and will fight to win these competitions throughout the season. We will have a lot of hard work ahead of us.”

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Olympic cycle

Regarding the Olympic cycle, Central criticized the base and highlighted the new moment for the Brazilian team. “Our base is really thrown to one side. It needs a lot of strong work, a lot of investment in the base, I mean the Brazilian team and some clubs as well. Not all clubs work that hard. At this point in time we’ve got the most. Was poorly prepared, because renewal comes from the base and I believe it is a process. Girls will go through these moments, winning, losing. Our generation is gone and we learned from it. And it’s natural After changing so many players, you don’t have to pay the fee.”

Brazil after hitting the crossbar in fierce disputes at international competitions, in disputes at the Olympics, the world, with executioners: Cuba in the 90s, later, Russia. In 2008, Days To Come, winning the gold medal against the United States at the Beijing Olympics and, consequently, the bi-championship, contention in London, again against the Americans.

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