The AMD 4700S processor can be used on the Xbox Series X / S and is on sale

The AMD 4700S processor can be used on the Xbox Series X / S and is on sale

The processor is enabled without an integrated GPU and operates at higher frequencies than the console

Some Chinese processor manufacturers are announcing new The processor AMD 4700S, Which is not named “Ryzen” For Is not part of the official line of processors AMD. Vendors offering models in customized systems “AMD Cardinal ”, possibly including a modified version of the motherboard Xbox series x. The product is now available for purchase at the Asian store TML.

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In the photo with integrated water cooler

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AMD 4700S motherboard There is no connector for the RAM module, Because you have memory The processor is installed around the same way as the new Microsoft console, Which indicates that this processor should be a version of the Xbox Series X APU.

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AMD 4700S Processor Features 8 cores and 16 threads Na Microequateratura Zen 2 From 7nm, Apart 12 MB cache memory And frequency Boost 4.0 GHz, Which is a higher value than comfort, since Xbox Series X operates with a maximum of 3.8 GHz while o Xbox Series S alcança 3.6 GHz. This increase in frequency is probably explained by Elimination of integrated graphics chip, which increases the availability of power to the CPU.

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RAM memory specifications (image: TMall)

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The vendor also provided some benchmark results for the AMD 4700S at Cinebench, where it was capable Intel overtook Core i7-9700 But it still puts itself below the AMD Ryzen 7 4750G.

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Vendor providing processor Radeon RX 550. She also A photo of the Xbox Series X APU featured as product promotional material, Which further corroborates the theory CPU sold is derived from Microsoft console. The revelations also promise that the PC will improve systems equipped with Intel Core i7-9750H and GeForce RTX 2060.

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