The Associated Press joins the blockchain in partnership with Chainlink. future of money

The Associated Press (AP) news agency, which is 175 years old, will provide data on sports, economics and elections for Chainlink, a system that brings real-world information and data to the blockchain and allows it to be used in construction. Is. Digital contracts and their related transactions.

The partnership announced this Thursday is yet another example of a reputable and world-renowned brand embracing blockchain technology, while also demonstrating Chainlink’s plans to expand the reach of decentralized finance (DeFi) to new realms.

“We believe that blockchain represents a whole new economy,” said AP Blockchain and Data Licensing Director Dwayne Dessolniers. “And as a new economy, it just needs a lot of input, a lot of trust and a lot of collaboration. What we see now is gaining a lot of traction, and blockchain being accepted in half the time. that has given the Internet billions of users.”

The choice of APs to provide data for multiple blockchains through Chainlink has meant a significant increase in how data sources value smart contracts, as well as a significant increase in smart contracts using AP data, the co-founder said.

“Just as we have seen the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), the speed at which Chainlink oracles can bring new data to the blockchain, is the speed at which blockchain developers can build new applications for users,” Nazarov said. “With AP providing data on elections, sports and many other major events around the world, the DeFi markets of the blockchain ecosystem will now be able to access a range of topics that were previously inaccessible.”

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About the author: Sarah Gracie

Sarahis a reporter covering Amazon. She previously covered tech and transportation, and she broke stories on Uber's finances, self-driving car program, and cultural crisis. Before that, she covered cybersecurity in finance. Sarah's work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Politico, and the Houston Chronicle.

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