The best movies that just arrived on Netflix for you to watch

The best movies that just arrived on Netflix for you to watch

movie tips on netflix

looking for good movies to watch Netflix? Then it came right on the list.

Here, we’ll indicate 3 features that just debuted in the catalog and that are worth your game. The focus here is on entertaining yourself.

check out:

snow chase

the first trick is snow chase, a film released in 2020 which is a mix of suspense and action and has famous 80s actor Tom Berenger as the protagonist.

During a hunt in the north of the United States, Jim receives a large amount of money. By becoming the target of a criminal organization claiming fate, he will practice his military training in order to survive.

snow chase It’s that typical action movie set in a totally inhospitable environment that makes us anxious every moment because we know it’s practically impossible to survive in that situation.

The film has an interesting story, but it has a major breakthrough in the role of Tom Berenger, who, even though he is quite old, manages to convince us in the scenes in which he shines.

rise of black swan

second tip is rise of black swan, whose main attraction is Outlander protagonist Sam Heughan in the cast. Besides her, Ruby Rose from Orange Is the New Black also completes the cast.

In the film, which just released in 2021, a Special Forces agent travels from London to Paris with his girlfriend after a group of armed mercenaries hijack a train. They make demands and endanger everyone’s life. So it is up to him to stop the criminals.

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rise of black swan It’s not pleasing to many people, and it’s very much due to the plot itself. However, here’s the thing: If you want to see something with action, fight, and empathize with the actor. outlanderWhy don’t you see?

fifth set

the third method is fifth set, a play released in 2020 about tennis. So if you like these movies about overcoming sports, you need to know it.

Thomas was once known as a young tennis player, but he was never very successful. At the age of 37 and with his fitness declining, he decided to compete for one last shot at the French Open.

Best movie on this list for me, fifth set An exciting film, in which we will see that the hero gives his all to win, and gives a little more. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to know tennis to enjoy the story. You will get to see beautiful drama and a lot of sweat at the end.

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