The Brazil Ocean Sailing Championship starts this Tuesday in Florianópolis (SC)

The Brazil Ocean Sailing Championship starts this Tuesday in Florianópolis (SC)

This Tuesday, February 1st, the Brazilian Championship of the ORC class, the most famous of Ocean Sailing, begins this Tuesday, February 5th, on the lane of Florianópolis (SC) on Valeros da Ilha in Jure. The competition takes place during the 33rd edition of the Santa Catarina Oceanic Circuit and will feature Olympic sailors and big names from the sport.

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Monday, the 31st, was the day of adjustments to the previous training sessions and about 50 boats that will compete in the most diverse classes, twenty of them in contention for the Brazilian title. In addition to the Orc, the championship includes BRA-RGS, RGS Cruzeiro, Bicco de Proa, among others.

Seven regattas are planned, of which two are on the course and the other five are Barla-Sota. Only for Bico de Proa, RGS-Cruzeiro and Multihulls, five races are planned. Estimated start this Tuesday is 13:00.

The competition features big names such as Andre Fonseca from Santa Catarina, Boucha, owner of three Olympic participations and three The Ocean Race, Around the World. There will also be Olympic sailors Samuel Albrecht and Marco Grael, who were in Tokyo in 2021. Samuel competes for the modern Creole 52 boat, while the son of Torben Grael will go on to the 2020 Brazilian champion Ventanero 3, which will be commanded by Renato Cunha. Another big name, who will go to Boto V in Paratí (RJ), under the command of André Sobral, is Mauricio Santa Cruz, five-time world champion, Pan-American gold medalist in Rio-2007 and Guadalajara-2011, and Olympic participation. is with. ,

“We’re looking forward to a good championship, it’s a nice street, it’s air, clear water, we have a good squad and we’re very happy to be back in Florianopolis and we’re going to work to get that title.” Said Santa Cruz, which is coming for the fifth time to compete in the Santa Catarina Oceanic Circuit and has already been champion in one of them. He knows the conditions of the place: “It’s an open wind, usually strong winds, small waves, it’s a sailing with less round wind and more speed in the boat. You have to keep the boat going faster “.

Not only will experienced sailors be in action in the competition. At the age of 16, Felipe Fraquelli comes from the Brazilian title in the Laser class he won last November at his home, Porto Alegre (RS), and will be part of the crew of the Criolla 52, the boat of Valeros do Sul, commanded by Eduardo Plas . , He debuted in the sport six years ago with the encouragement of Criolla strategist, Samuel Albrecht, Samuka: “It was a great feeling to win the Brazilian at home. Racing with a super crew, I look forward to the championship. This is my first time on the boat.” but I’ve already run some championship races with the crew”, Gaucho said: “Samuka is a great friend of my father, he put me in the sails and I’m here to this day, I’m with him.” Going to go sailing in Floripa. Monotype has its differences in ocean sailing, but it adds a lot to both the course and the sailing skills, it is teamwork, unlike the Laser, which is individual. Many championships in Brazil and probably abroad “. After the Orc Brazilian, Fraquelli will return to the Laser to compete in the South American Championship in Punta del Este and the World Youth Championship in the United States.

The results of the event can be accessed through the official website of the program –

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