The Cafe Raise event debates social action, innovations in beauty, and the geek universe in the business world

The Cafe Raise event debates social action, innovations in beauty, and the geek universe in the business world

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The Café Raiz event with Telma dos Santos in the next fortnight of October is unacceptable. Presenters will address issues about beauty and social action, about constructivist learning, and encouraging reading with a storyteller.


The chat, which takes place on October 10, begins with two beauty salon icons, Elaine Gonsalves, experts in curls and hair transitions. The latter was a trend inspired by celebrities in the pandemic, where a lot of people picked up their hair. Talks about professional care and the whole process. The other interview is of Maria Sandim, with a career of 25 years as a hairdresser and who develops social work supporting women who need wigs during cancer treatment. She tells of her trajectory in the world of beauty and how she develops the work of Casa Rosa that boosts women’s self-esteem in such a delicate moment of illness.

Rose Marcelino, owner of the Colegio Proseguir de So Jose dos Campos, is another participant in the program. It explains the method of early childhood education which aims at building existence through schooling knowledge, affection and interaction. Telma dos Santos also interviews Nina Gomes who is an actress, storyteller, children’s presenter, writer and who volunteers in hospitals with her character, Joker Nina.

On 17 October, the Café Raise event brings together a first-class men’s team. Interviewed included journalist and blogger Armindo Ferreira, who explains all about the geek and nerdy world and its relationship with the world of beauty. Across the table, the Trindade family, father and son, Robson and Pietro talk about how they invaded the world of beauty, revolutionizing techniques and appraising colors for hair beauty.

Photo: Publicity/Press Office

And straight from Japan to Cafe Raiz, Telma interviews Brazilian women who live in this country. The conversation was with Aline Okumura, who talked about the sweets of the Land of the Rising Sun, and with Sandra Mi, who would tell about Japanese events. Both interviewers took part in the Paralympics held in Tokyo in August. They talk about that experience.

And the programs will also feature Amago’s Anna Carolina, who talks about the abuse of women in the workplace, and Jessica Denz, straight from Oregon, in the United States, talking about the labor relations of Americans. .

The program also has partners such as: Studio Lions, responsible for makeup and hair by Mario Magalhos; Ika Coelho for Presenter Goods; Oscar Calcados presenting the colors and trends of the spring-summer collection; Fernanda Cendrato with Arte Movis; Anna Denz with Natural Flower Arrangements; cake designer, Ileana Poreto from Doce Refugio Chocolates; Emporio Guazupia, with sweets in pots, Silveira’s cheese and sauce; Deborah Candido from Studio Deborah Del Corto; FM backers special bread without yeast; Carlos Teco, artisans of Silveiras in Serra da Bocaena; Custom furniture store: Home & Sia, Florence.

Cafe Raiz program with Telma dos Santos – Season

When: On Sundays, between September and December

Timings: 5 PM

Where: ThinkTV, 25 and 525 by Claro/Net

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