The cast of the series includes two new actors

The cast of the series includes two new actors

Second season of The magician Is in the middle of her recording and should debut Netflix Still this year. Now, two new actors have been confirmed in the cast of the series and it seems that their characters have also been defined in advance.

According to the website Radian intelligenceWho specializes in Magician, The actor Joe Marit I Darius James Entered the cast of the series; Both were seen in images from a set of recordings wearing armor. However, the website is not sure about the characters they will play.

Apparently, he would give life to two generals: General hake I General Gerhane. While everything shows that Marit Will explain Heck, This site does not seem to be very reliable in James’s character.

Joe Marit and Darius James respectively.

Joe Marit Already worked Torchwood, Masterpiece Hunters Is on In the name of ben hur. already Darius James Attended plays primarily in the United Kingdom. Even though they were seen together on the set, however, it does not indicate that they would actually plot together on the series.

Second season so far The magician There is no fixed release date.

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