The Chinese artificial sun reaches record temperatures and brings energy closer to the atomic axis

The Chinese artificial sun reaches record temperatures and brings energy closer to the atomic axis

China, given country title High carbon footprint World, started investing in other Energy source. Thus, scientists created a reactor known as the “artificial sun” to generate energy similar to our star through nuclear fusion. Device was Active in december, And is in the testing phase with promising new results.

According to Chinese state media, the device reached a new record by reaching and maintaining a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds. Even more advanced, the reactor. Temperature maintained 160 million degrees Celsius for an incredible 20 seconds In the tests prepared in the previous week ..

Previously, the highest temperature reached by the reactor was 100 million degrees Celsius, which was maintained for 100 seconds. According to Li Miao of South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, progress towards the ultimate goal of keeping this measure at a stable level for a long time and getting the device up and running is critical.

For comparison, the experimental advanced superconducting tokamak (EAST), as it is also called, maintains the temperature in an absurdly high manner. Surface of the sun, Which is measured between 5,000 C and 6,000 C. At its core, this measurement can reach 15 million degrees Celsius.

In this way, the reactor brings humanity closer to the use of nuclear fusion as an energy source. In addition to having less risk of accidents in relation to this technique nuclear fission, Is clean and does not harm the environment. Still citing its advantages, it is Cheaper and more powerful than other features Equivalents, such as oil.

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The challenge to overcome the use of technology in power supplies is the need to keep plasma above 100 million degrees Celsius and limit it to a small area. Although this method is still recent and has little human control, it is expected that the energy matrix of many fields will be altered.

“This is the kind of futuristic technology that is central to China’s green growth momentum,” said Lin Bokiang, director of the Energy Economics Research Center at the University of Xiamen, predicting that the projected 30-year period until the artificial sun is just now is also. In practice.

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